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Stamvrug Hiking Trail is situated in the Waterberg region, Limpopo. Stamvrug hiking trails, which first opened in May 1992, was designed with the assistance of the Centre for Eco Tourism of the University of Pretoria. Since then, thousands of nature lovers have wound their way around and across the rim of a basin which constitutes one of the few unspoilt, unique Waterberg ecosystems. Nine years later, in 2001, the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve was granted international status by UNESCO. It now forms part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves and is the first Reserve of this kind registered in Southern Africa.

The network of 10 different hiking trails, ranging from about 4 km to about 12 km with various grades of difficulty, caters for hikers with different levels of fitness and experience. The routes wind through a wide variety of landscapes ranging from grassy plains, ravines, hills, streams and woods to plateaus with stunning views. There are two base camps, namely Kloof, which is situated at the edge of a ravine, and Stamvrug, set in the fold of a hill leading up to the upper plateau. Both camps are equipped with bunk beds and braai utensils, but bring your own bedding and cutlery.


Day Trails:

Stamvrug base camp to Kloof base camp via Zebra trail: 9km

  • Escarpment day trail: 5km
  • Moepel day trail: 8km
  • Porcupine day trail: 6.9km
  • Game day trail: 6km
  • Bush pig day trail: 5km
  • Quagga trail: 9km
  • Sunset trail: 11.3km

Two Day Backpacking Trails:

Kloof base camp to Stamvrug base camp via Kloof trail: 13km

  • Leopard trail: 11.8km

Details on Stamvrug Hiking Trails

Sunset Point Trail

Sunset Point has now been laid out constructed and marked. It initially follows the Moepel Trail before curving to the northwest to the highest point (Sunset Point) in the area from where you can look down on Kranskop and see as far as Vaalwater on a clear day. This route is considerably more difficult than the older trails. The spectacular 360° view on Sunset Point adds to the many awesome views over the Waterberg know for its many streams and fountains, a variety of game plus an abundance of bird species.

Kloof and Porcupine Trails

From Kloof base camp you have an option of two trails: the Kloof and Porcupine trails. The Kloof trail goes up a Koppie and winds around the escarpment to provide a spectacular bird’s eye view of the whole area. Finally it goes back over the ridge into the game-fenced area and over the grasslands until it reaches the cool waters of the Kaalgat Dam (full in the rainy season). Spend time here at the dam as the distance to the hut is short. The Porcupine trail is shorter and easier with more water en route. It also goes up a Koppie and descends to the lovely rock pools and kloof dam for time to cool off and a tea stop. Thereafter it crosses the road into the game breeding perimeter, descending through a Kloof where one sees the origin of one of the many springs that feed the Reserve. The trail crosses a few more Koppies, finally reaching Kaalgat Dam and Stamvrug base camp.

Kloof (in reverse), Leopard, Zebra and Stamvrug Trail

By popular request, the Kloof trail can be walked (in reverse), as the Leopard trail, starting at Stamvrug Base camp. This allows hikers to start at Stamvrug, cover the longer part of the two-day trail on Saturday and return to Stamvrug on Sunday via the shorter Porcupine trail.

From Stamvrug base camp the Zebra trail starts with a mild climb up the Koppie, over a rock bed and grasslands, keeping on top of the ridge. It then descents and enters the indigenous forest at ± 4 km. It passes a massive Naboom tree next to a most magnificent rock bed with a dam nearby for swimming, ascends the ridge, cross the farm road, before it enters a Kloof filled with ferns, water lilies and water grass, and leaves the gorge with a short climb to return to Kloof base camp. The Zebra Trail can now also be hiked in reverse and is equally enjoyed the other way round.

Degree of Difficulty:

  • Average
  • Sunset trail must be regarded as difficult


Kloof Base Camp

  • 24 beds/mattresses (3 rooms x 8 beds)
  • Full en-suite bathrooms with donkey geysers
  • 2 outside showers
  • Pots/pans
  • 3 legged potjies
  • Braai facilities and ample wood
  • Braai areas

Stamvrug Base Camp

  • 24 beds/mattresses (3 rooms x 8 beds)
  • Full en-suite bathrooms with donkey geysers
  • 2 showers
  • 2 flushing toilets
  • 2 Pit latrines
  • 1 basin
  • Pots/pans, three- legged iron cooking pots
  • Open braai areas
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