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Mount Sheba Hiking Trail - A Forever Resort

Our motto: Hike more, worry less…


Situated within a lush indigenous rain forest, Mount Sheba welcomes guests to relax and enjoy luxury at the 4-star lodge with its majestic setting. A blanket of mist usually enfolds the property in the morning and it is not unusual to experience all four seasons in one day

This Forever Resorts lodge, 22 kilometres east of the legendary gold diggers town of Pilgrims Rest, exudes elegance with warm hospitality

Activities available on the property are trout fishing, a game of tennis or walk one of the many self-guided walking trails through the indigenous Rain forest and discover the waterfalls and the tucked away beauty of Mount Sheba Watch out for the rare Samango monkey.

Birdsong will surround you as you enjoy the trails

There are 6 day walks to be chosen from; stretching from very easy to moderately difficult.