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Uitsoek Hiking Trail

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Uitsoek Hiking Trail is situated in Sudwala/Nelspruit area in Mpumalanga

Experience the beauty of the Drakensberg when walking from the foothills of the mountain range to the escarpment and back. Set in the southeast of Mpumalanga, this trail traverses deep valleys and high mountains. As hikers walk from the low-lying areas to the higher areas in the mountains, they can expect a wide variety of plants that include the dwarf red-hot poker, pineapple flower and eight disa species.

This trail is a must for plant lovers. The trails are moderately difficult to very difficult.


The Uitsoek Hiking Trail has three trail options. The overnight backpack route, Houtbosloop, is quite strenuous and should be attempted by fit and experienced hikers only. The easier Beestekraalspruit and Brakkans Two-Day Circular Trails are both 11km long and start and end at Uitsoek Hut.

Trail Options

Bakkrans Day Route

The route winds through pine plantation above the Houtbosloop and through indigenous scrub forest in the gorges. The trail passes the Bakkrans Waterfall, before returning to the base camp, crossing several small tributaries, feeding the Houtbosloop.

Distance: 11km

Difficulty: Moderately difficult

Beestekraalspruit Day Route

The route gently climbs through pine plantations, indigenous scrub forest to the cliff edge of the Beestekraalspruit, after which it descends gradually into the gorge with its riverine forest. The route follows the Beestekraalspruit for about 4 km and crosses the stream 20 times by means of wooden bridges. After leaving the stream, the trail gradually climbs to the starting point.

Distance: 11km

Difficulty: Moderately difficult

HoutbosLoop 2 Days

The first day of this route climbs from the foothills to the plateau crossing several streams whilst contouring to the Lisabon Hut. The second day descends into the Houtbosloop Valley before returning to Uitsoek Hut. The trail traverses through indigenous forest, lowveld sour bushveld and scarce north-eastern mountain sourveld.

Distances: Uitsoek – Lisabon 14.5km (grading 9)

Lisabon – Uitsoek 13.5km (grading 6)

Difficulty: Very Difficult


Uitsoek Hut:

24 bunkerbeds, electricity, hot water, braai facilities, firewood, 3 Toilets, no pots or pans

Lisabon Hut:

Only cold water from river, no electricity, firewood, 12 bunkerbeds, 1 Toilet, no pots or hikers must provide own utensils and gas stove.

Starting Points : Parking and starting point at Uitsoek Hut.